Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sunday Night Games

This week we are sharing 2 maths games that require no equipment at all...


One student (or the teacher) thinks of a number within a set range, e.g. between 0 and 100. Select a second student who will count the number of questions that have been asked. The remaining students ask questions about the number until they guess what the number is. Each question can only be answered with yes or no, e.g. Is it an even number? Is it larger than 30? 
Discussion around the best strategies to find the number in less that 20 questions are great - these discussions help students understand there are better ways to find the number rather than random guessing, e.g. Is it 23?  Is it 84?
This game can also be extended to other maths topics, for example; shapes & 3D objects, time, fractions & decimals, angles etc.


Students line up in pairs in front of the teacher. The teacher calls out a number and the first student to respond with the number that is one more than what the teacher has said is the winner. The winner can be the first out to play or lunch (as this gives the other student a second chance to experience success). This game can then easily be extend to TWO MORE, THREE MORE etc, or any other number pattern you may be working on. It can also be used to consolidate subtraction - ONE LESS etc or times tables/division.

Have fun with these and if you have any other great games that do not need equipment - feel free to add them in a comment or email them through to us at: