Sunday, 21 September 2014

Introducing Dominoes


makedominos1bnw.jpg (1200×1200); This site has (among many other things) neat heart dominoes for Valentine's Day too.
There are many variations of how to play or use dominoes. 

Here is one way to play with two players. 

Turn all the dominoes over - so you cannot see the dots, mix them up.

Each player selects 7 dominoes and stands them on the long edge so the person they are playing cannot see them. 

The player with a double starts first - if there are no doubles, the player with the most dots on one domino starts first. 

Lay one domino down and the other player must match it with the same dots - great for counting, trusting the count and subitising. 

Domino Games for Kids various games... Print off instructions and have various versions of the game going on...

Doubles should be placed at right angles - so that the game can take new directions. 

If a player cannot match and join an end, then they draw a domino from the pile. 

The winner is the player who has played all their dominoes.

If you want to score - add up the dominoes you are left holding and the one with the smallest total wins.