Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What's The Chance?

AusVELS Level 3 & 4
Statistics and Probability - Chance
This week we are adding a unit of work to our shops based on the topic of Chance.
As students explore the idea of chance, it is critical they develop an understanding of the link between the number of possible outcomes and the likelihood of an event occurring. 
This unit of work allows students to conduct experiments, examine outcomes, evaluate the likelihood of an event and design their own chance experiment.
Read through the weekly planner to know what the relationship is between the different parts of the lesson and the resources. This pack contains 25 pages. Although designed to be conducted over one week, depending on time available, student progress and other experiments you may wish to include – this unit may take longer to complete.
Tasks included:
  • Chance Word Wall
  • Flip me!
  • Roll Me! (extension task)
  • How Likely?
  • How Likely? (Part 2) (standard or extension task)
  • Design Your Own Chance Experiment!
  • Conduct A Chance Experiment
  • Feedback on Design Your Own Chance Experiment
  • Use the Student Progress Record to track student’s progress against both the success criteria and AusVELS standards.
  • Collect work samples - make anecdotal notes on which students need support.
  • Level 3 – Collect Flip Me and Roll Me experiments, along with any further experiments conducted by students
  • Level 4 - Evaluate ‘Design Your Own Chance Experiment’ Task using Learning Intentions, Success Criteria and AusVELS

We hope you find this a useful addition to the units we already have posted.
Please feel free to contact us with your feedback or requests!