Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Tracking at Year One Level

We have started to add to our series of tracking documents.
The second in the series is 

22 pages

which includes 


Sample – 1 page
Number and Algebra – 7 pages
Measurement and Geometry – 5 pages
Statistics and Probability – 4 pages

Record your student names on each sheet
-          Decide what tasks you will use to assess each elaboration. This will show what the student had achieved within each of the Content Descriptions
-          The information you collect can be used to assist in individual goal setting and planning for focus teaching of individuals or groups
-          Use the appropriate level for each student. If the student is above the level they need to be accessing the level that is appropriate for them
-          This may mean that you have multiple levels within the one grade

-          The positive outcome is that each student will be challenged appropriately 


Just a reminder that are Foundation set is also ready