Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sunday Night Maths Linky - 24th November

Twenty Questions

Twenty Questions is a fantastic game to start a lesson with (developing Fluency) or conclude a lesson (sharing Understanding).

The teacher or student selects an aspect of your Numeracy program you are currently working on. 
For example: 3D objects.
They then select a specific object, e.g. a square based pyramid.
The remainder of the class have twenty questions to try and figure out what the object is.
Each question can only be answered using "yes" or "no".
Choose another student to record the number of questions that have been asked (this is a great opportunity to practice tallying!).
This game can be used in many areas of Mathematics, requires no equipment and can be used as a reminder of prior learning or extended to include new learning. (When using this game at the end of the lesson - students must choose something they have learnt that day.)

Twenty Question topics could include:
  • decimal numbers
  • fractions
  • shapes
  • time (am, pm, 24 hour)
  • units of measure
  • angles... and many more!
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