Wednesday, 20 November 2013

3D Objects

3D Objects - Year 5 & 6
As students explore the world of 3D objects, it is critical we help them to make their own connections between 2D representations, nets of 3D objects and what they would look like if constructed.

“Providing children with pre-drawn and arranged nets is of limited value in learning about 3D objects. It is often merely a cutting and gluing exercise.”

Booker et all, Teaching Primary Mathematics, Pearson, 2010.

This unit of work incorporates the exploration of 3D objects, fluency tasks to build language, explicit teaching of the classification and components of 3D objects, links with AusVELS Design, Creativity and Technology content descriptors and provides students with the opportunity to explore create and draw 3D objects.
Read through the weekly planner to know what the relationship is between the different parts of the lesson and the resources. This pack contains 25 pages.

q  Fish Bone Diagram
q  3D Mathematical Language Cards & Pictures
q  Classifying 3D Objects
q  Comparing 3D
q  Make It
q  Make It Evaluation
q  Making 3D Connections (sheet 1)
q  Making 3D Connections (sheet 2)
q  Isometric Dot Paper
q  Grid Paper
q  Student Progress Record


Also included are a range of additional tasks that can be slotted in to your program as extension tasks, for early finishers or to extend the work on 3D objects beyond a week:

q  Sketching Nets
q  More Than The Cross
q  Sketching 3D Objects
q  Bird’s Eye View
q  Platonic Solids

We hope you enjoy exploring the 3D world with your students!