Sunday, 30 June 2013

Planning for success

Each element of the four proficiencies (Solving problems, Understanding, Reasoning & Fluency) are critical in their own way. Each leads to students developing a deeper understanding of the content we are trying to help them to learn. Being aware of, and planning to include each of the proficiencies in our teaching – leads to success for both students and ourselves.

Below is a simple, yet effective, counting game to increase students’ fluency with numbers. Research is clear about the need for students to develop a deep understanding of and ‘automaticity’ with numbers – to ensure that, as tasks become more complicated, they are not bogged down in the basics but are able to apply their knowledge to the more complex skills needed to solve problems.
Fluency is not only related to the use of numbers but also to the use of mathematical language and developing efficient strategies. Fluency tasks are a critical element of Mathematics that we believe is worth investing time in every day.
We would love to hear from you about your beliefs around Fluency and if there are any specific requests for fluency tasks, in any area of mathematics, please feel free to contact us at