Saturday, 8 June 2013

Let's go iSURFing


is an attempt to create a mathematical structure that will

 support the implementation of AusVels and the Australian Curriculum for Mathematics.

The acronym  SURF©

(Problem Solving, Understanding, Reasoning, Fluency)

comes from the four Proficiency Strands

that underpin the three
 Content Strands of
  • Number and Algebra,
  • Measurement and Geometry and
  • Statistics and Probability
We have added an i to represent and acknowledge the importance of

individual goals

Why use the Proficiency Statements as the foundations for iSURF©?

The four Proficiency Statements of Problem Solving, Understanding, Reasoning and Fluency represent what we knew in VELS as Working Mathematically.  This is how the curriculum is explored and developed, as well as the ‘thinking’ and ‘doing’ of how mathematics is delivered. Without them, the level of proficiency within the three Content Strands will not be as sophisticated.

In the ‘Framing Paper: Consultation Report Mathematics 2009’, which helped shape the Australian Curriculum, references are made to ‘working mathematically’ being reflected in the four proficiency strands. This paper signposts the importance of the proficiency strands, as they provide an explicit way of working and representing thinking in mathematics.
There are many research papers that support the need to have strong mathematical understanding, fluency, problem solving and reasoning. They often attribute students’ success in Mathematics to rigorous mathematical investigations that lead to strong mathematical knowledge.