Sunday, 22 November 2015

Extending our students...

When considering how to extend students in Mathematics, there are many factors that can influence the options we present. One option worth considering is the Maths Talent Quest (MTQ) offered by the Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) each year.
As stated in the MTQ information booklet...

The focus of the Maths Talent Quest is on the process of mathematical investigations. Looking at real life situations and finding that mathematics is everywhere helps capture the imagination of both teachers and students alike. The Maths Talent Quest allows students to investigate mathematics on an individual, group or class basis with the opportunity to have fun exploring mathematics in real life situations.
A mathematics investigation allows students to examine a situation originating in mathematics or the real world which lends itself to inquiry. It involves a series of steps:
  • getting to know the situation and formulating questions
  • exploring systematically
  • making and testing conjectures
  • explaining or justifying results
  • extending the situation by formulating further questions
  • summarising the findings
 Even if entering a competition is not for you, imagine what students may come up with when inspired to follow their own passion and explore the maths associated with their interests!
Next week we will share the MTQ judging rubric - a chance to look at the assessment tool used by  MTQ judges.
If you have any great ideas for extending students...
please don't hesitate to let us know!