Sunday, 9 August 2015

Curriculum Content v Learning Sequences

In schools across the world, we all have a given curriculum to follow.
In Australia, we have a national curriculum that prescribes our Mathematics, English, Science and History content. All states then provide their own remaining curriculum areas, for example in Victoria we include: ICT, Personal Learning and Health & Physical Education - to name a few!
Even though our curriculum is prescribed, the way we choose to teach it is not. There are many interesting teaching and learning models, along with suggested sequences for achieving learning objectives.
In Mathematics, our school has been exploring the work of George Booker. A mathematician, researcher, university lecturer and maths guru!
We like Booker's work because it assists us to understand the sequence of learning that students need to proceed through in order to achieve the curriculum standards. It is clear and sequential - allowing us to teach students at their true 'point of need' as well as look ahead to see what comes next.
Booker conducts professional development sessions for teachers and has an extensive collection of published materials... well worth a look if you get a chance!
Happy teaching everyone and best wishes with matching your curriculum content with great teaching resources. If you have a favourite - please don't hesitate to share!!! Let us know via email or leave a comment on our blog.