Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Yearly Planners

iSURF Mathematics Yearly Planners

This week we have added yearly planners (in bundles) to our store. They are designed for classroom teachers, teaching and learning teams and curriculum leaders to assist with the yearly planning of the Mathematics Curriculum. These products are based on the Australian Curriculum.
 Teachers can divide all of the Mathematical content (Australian Curriculum content descriptors), over four terms, into manageable and easy to monitor sections. These Yearly Planners allow for repetition of high need areas (such as number and place value) as well as connecting assessment tasks to specific terms and topics.
Included in these documents are the relevant proficiencies (Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning) as well as the relevant Mathematics standards – all in one easy to use document.
Teachers/leaders can simply cut and paste the content descriptors directly into the relevant term – laying out the entire Australian Curriculum for the year. Teachers working across more than one year level, and catering for individual needs, can coordinate topics so they are taught together, providing a scope and sequence for learning.
For curriculum leaders who may be looking to support school wide planning - a bundle with all levels from Foundation to Year Seven will be added to our store soon.
This item is designed in Microsoft Word and is able to be edited and modified.
We hope you find these documents helpful when exploring and planning your class/school  Mathematics curriculum.
As always... all feedback, comments, suggestions or requests welcome!