Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Welcome back to Term 4

We are halfway though Week 1 of our last term here in Australia, before our summer break.
We are working on a Year 2 Place Value set that is growing and not quite ready to post.
 The pack will cover 


There are patterns in the way we write whole numbers that help us to remember their order

The Key Understandings are
1.The order of the digits make a difference so that the value of the 7 in 72 and 17 are different
2.The place of the digit tells the quantity – in 230, the 2 is 200 or 2 hundreds and the 3 is 30 or 3 tens
3.The zero is a place holder
4.There is multiplicative relationship  to the power of ten and from right to left
5.The value of the digit is multiplied by the value of the place ie 230 – the 2 is 200 and the 3 is 30
There will be a weekly lesson plan, ideas for engaging kids before the lesson starts and assessment ideas.

There are a host of Interactive Notebook pages and tasks to do to help your grade understand place value to 1000