Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Welcome to iSURF 2014!

To all of our followers, friends and colleagues - we are looking forward to another productive and exciting iSURFing year!

To reinforce our belief in the importance of the proficiencies (problem Solving, Understanding, Reasoning & Fluency), we are offering our iSURF Manual and Planner at a discounted price throughout January & February (the Manual is now $6.00 and the Planner is now $4.00). The Manual and Planner document our approach to teaching mathematics and the importance of integrating content, skills and mathematical strategies in an individualised manner.
This is available throughout all of our stores.

We have also added an eBook, cataloging our current resources. 
This allows you to see all iSURF resources, year level by year level.
In 2014, we will continue to provide quality resources to build student's knowledge of mathematical content, whilst developing their mathematical thinking.
We are looking forward to a fantastic year ahead!